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Releasing: December 31, 1992

War has been declared!

During a major Soviet naval exercise, 50% of the ballistic missile subs are deployed to sea and a limited nuclear strike is launched on American targets.

At 3:58 AM NORAD picks up the first incoming nuclear warheads, targeted for US Air Bases, with less than 6 minutes to impact. As Chief Target Planner at the Strategic Air Command it is your responsibility to launch a limited second strike.. The targets selected should demonstrate the resolve of your political leadership, while not escalating the conflict.

A controlled conflict, in part, is one in which the participants use or threaten to use military force, including nuclear weapons on a scale restricted enough to avoid a general war. This concept of Escalation Control is the strategic policy embodied in the Presidential Directive 59 (PD-59) which states that the U.S. should be able to initiate the limited or selected use of strategic nuclear weapons, and to control the escalation process such that democracy would continue to "prevail" in the post-war world.

The implementation of PD-59 is your job. Bravo Romeo Delta gives you complete command of U.S. Strategic forces, including ICBMs, SLBMs, SSBNs, and Bomber Bases. You are provided with tactical warning and attack assessment complements of NORAD.

When you've perfected the U.S. strategy you can switch sides and become the Commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the U.S.S.R. Within the same scenario, you must prepare to respond to the American counterstrike, while adhering to the Soviet nuclear targeting strategy, and shifting the CoF (Corelation of Forces) in the favour of the U.S.S.R.