Breath of Fire

Recognized by Capcom as their first traditional role-playing video game, Breath of Fire would set the precedent for future entries in the series, and features character designs by company head of development Keiji Inafune, as well as mus...

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Review: Trtreibers Review

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Overall, a pretty mediocre game. It's VERY easy to beat and the characters are pretty barebones in terms of depth. The scenario is sort of epic, but the path the narrative takes is really pretty shallow, especially when you compare it to games like FF6 which came out the same year. And, GOOD GOD, were there FAR too many random battles, which is a big "no-no" when it comes to keeping up pacing and fun. A meandering, very simple start to a B-level JRPG series.

Score Breakdown

"The Tale"
Story- 6
Pacing- 3
Characters- 5
Originality- 5
Linearity- 7
Length- 6
Epicness- 7

"The Presentation"
Visuals- 7
Display- 6
Music- 7
Sound FX- 6

"The Mechanics"
Ease of Use- 10
Innovation- 8
Replayability- 2

Positive points
  • One of the easiest JRPG's ever
Negative points
  • Not replay worthy due to awful pacing and boring narrative


Total score