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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse (Credits)

Revolution Software

Charles CecilDesigner and Director
Noirin CarmodyExecutive Producer
Kelly WilloughbyProducer
Ciara CecilProduction Assistant
Neil RichardsScript Writer
Barrington PheloungMusic Composer
Noirin CarmodyStory Concept
Charles CecilStory Concept
Steve InceStory Concept
Tony WarrinerStory Concept
Joost PetersTechnical Director
Andy BoskettProgramming and Tools
Peter BrooksProgramming and Tools
Joost PetersProgramming and Tools
Tony WarrinerProgramming and Tools
Nigel KershawLead Designer
Charles CecilDesign and Script Team
Nigel KershawDesign and Script Team
Robert MegoneDesign and Script Team
Nana Louise NielsenDesign and Script Team
Darrell TimmsDesign and Script Team
Tony WarrinerDesign and Script Team
Bill DaviesJunior Designer
David CecilHint System
Steve InceArt Production
Robert MegoneArt Production
Tim RobinsArt Production
Nina RoussakoffArt Production
Kelly WilloughbyArt Production
Stefano CollaviniConcept Art
Justin RuddleConcept Art
Lee TaylorConcept Art
Mat TaylorConcept Art
Victoria DavisLead Layout Artist
Scott CapleLayout Team
Tom MeadLayout Team
Yong Hong ZhongLayout Team
Craig ElliottDigital Painter
Gary CooperDigital Painter
Stefano CollaviniDigital Painter
Luděk HrochDigital Painter
Miguel Montlló RiboDigital Painter
Marc PérezDigital Painter
David PuertaDigital Painter
Tanya RiareyDigital Painter
David SwiftDigital Painter
Yong Hong ZhongDigital Painter
Tanya RiareyGraphic Design
Tim RobinsGraphic Design
Sucha SinghBackground Animation and Prop Design

Extra Mile Studios

Character Modelling and Animation
Craig GardinerAnimation Director
Craig GardinerCharacter Modelling
Phil McCabeCharacter Modelling
Patrick VinceCharacter Modelling
Lara BendorisCharacter Animation
Nick HalesCharacter Animation
Alan MacFarlaneCharacter Animation
Phil McCabeCharacter Animation
Patrick VinceCharacter Animation
Phil McCabeCharacter Rigging
Bobby FarmerExecutive Producer

Atomhawk Design

Additional Graphics
Cumron AshtianiDirector
Nick LewisArt Manager
Amy HillProduction Manager
Steve PickAnimation Team Leader
Dan GilmoreAnimator
Kurt KochanskiAnimator
Martin GreenallAnimator
Giorgio GrecuConcept Artist
Marcel Van VuurenConcept Artist

Revolution Software

Barrington PheloungMusic Production
Heather PheloungMusic Production
Matthew SlaterMusic Production
Simon-Claudius WystrachAudio Director
Mark Ross-SmithAudio Production
Matthew SlaterAudio Production
Simon-Claudius WystrachAudio Production
Triong FittonCommunity Management
Marc GuerrierCommunity Management
Alex LaleCommunity Management
Liam O'ConnellCommunity Management
Axel OlivereauCommunity Management
Nina RoussakoffCommunity Management
Yannis WeinbachCommunity Management


English Voice Recording
Joanna GreenDirector - Voice Recording
Mark EstdaleDirector - Voice Recording
Victoria PrenticeRecording Engineer
Juan Manuel DelfinRecording Engineer
Victoria PrenticeDialogue Editor
Marta PuertoDialogue Editor
Matt PanayiotopoulosDialogue Editor
Justin FrenchDialogue Editor
Kit ChallisDialogue Post Production


Rolf D. BuschGerman Translation
Andrea BuckGerman Translation
Leon W. BuschGerman Translation

toneworx GmbH

German Voice Recording
Jörg MackensenProject Manager
Dennis PyzikProject Manager
Antje RooschDirector
Christine PappertDirector
Josko KastenSound Engineer
Simon HennekeSound Engineer
Martin SchmidtkeEditor

Around The Word

French Translation
Anne-Sophie MailliezProject Manager
Stéphane RadouxFrench Translation
Charlotte LebeauFrench Translation

Dune Sound

French Voice Recording
Olivier RabatAudio Project Manager

Synthesis Iberia

Spanish Translation
Elena MartosSpanish Translator
Ramón MéndezSpanish Translator
Estrella Del CampoQA - Spanish Translation
Beatriz PedrocheQA - Spanish Translation
Gus DíazProject Manager - Spanish Translation
Italian Translation
William BaldacciniItalian Translator
Elena BalzanoItalian Translator
Elizabeth GabellieriQA - Italian Translation
Elisa LeanzaProject Manager - Italian Translation
External QA Teams

GodSpeed Games

Ranbeer HoraQA Operations
Anoop TayadeTest Engineer
Chinmay LotlikarSr. Test Engineer


Andrew RobsonManaging Director
Harrison BakerProject Manager
Jamie PendletonProject Manager
Charlotte WoolleyFunctional Lead
Jack LewisFunctional Testing
Mark SteggallFunctional Testing
Luke FramptonCompliance Lead
John LamplughCompliance Testing
Simona MannLocalisation QA
Liam O'ConnellLocalisation QA
Laura Ruiz TorresLocalisation QA
Robin BougherraLocalisation QA
Ben BarrettBeta Tester
Mark BuckleyBeta Tester
Ciara CecilBeta Tester
David CecilBeta Tester
Leonard ChallisBeta Tester
Alexander GrewBeta Tester
Amy HillBeta Tester
Christopher HoyleBeta Tester
Etienne van NamenBeta Tester
William RoseBeta Tester
Hannah ShanksBeta Tester
David ShanksBeta Tester
Laurence ShawBeta Tester
Ben ThorpeBeta Tester

Revolution Software

Shahid AhmadSpecial Thanks
Charie Andre-BarrettSpecial Thanks
Simon BarrettSpecial Thanks
Debbie BestwickSpecial Thanks
Augusta ButlinSpecial Thanks
Simon ByronSpecial Thanks
Joshua BursonSpecial Thanks
Anne ConroySpecial Thanks
Andrew FollingtonSpecial Thanks
Stewart GilraySpecial Thanks
Lorenzo GrimaldiSpecial Thanks
Markus GrundnigSpecial Thanks
Marc GuerrierSpecial Thanks
Keith HerdmanSpecial Thanks
Miles JacobsonSpecial Thanks
Phil JordanSpecial Thanks
Oleg KlapovskySpecial Thanks
Jochen LangenbachSpecial Thanks
Geraldine LoughnaneSpecial Thanks
Spencer LowSpecial Thanks
Jane McCullochSpecial Thanks
Misty BobsSpecial Thanks
Andy PayneSpecial Thanks
Marcus RomerSpecial Thanks
Jason RuymenSpecial Thanks
Jamie SeftonSpecial Thanks
Markus SteinSpecial Thanks
Emma SumnerSpecial Thanks
Joke ToonenSpecial Thanks
Ella WarrinerSpecial Thanks
Yannis WeinbachSpecial Thanks


George StobbartNo image
Nico CollardNo image
MariaNo image
Young Tiago MarquesNo image
WaiterNo image
RonnieNo image
HobbsNo image
XavierNo image
Fascist Spanish SoldierNo image
RamonNo image
ShearsNo image
MoueNo image
Inspector NavetNo image
AdamNo image
AnnetteNo image
BassamNo image
BijouNo image
MadovskyNo image
RickenbackerNo image
Lady PiermontNo image
LaineNo image
LanghamNo image
Old Tiago MarquesNo image
Father SimeonNo image
FleurNo image
GehnenNo image
HenriNo image
HernandezNo image
RadioNo image
Young RamonNo image


George StobbartNo image
Nico CollardNo image
MoueNo image
LaineNo image
LanghamNo image
HobbsNo image
RickenbackerNo image
MedvoskyNo image
BijouNo image
AnnetteNo image
SimeonNo image
BassamNo image
FleurNo image
RonnieNo image
NavetNo image
WaiterNo image
MarquesNo image
1930 SoldierNo image
AdamNo image
GehnenNo image
HenriNo image
HernandezNo image
JoeyNo image
Ramon YoungNo image
ShearsNo image
SofiaNo image
TannoyNo image
TiagoNo image
XavierNo image
Waterloo MotorsNo image


30a SoldierNo image
AdamNo image
AnnetteNo image
BassamNo image
BijouNo image
EvaNo image
FleurNo image
GehnenNo image
George StobbartNo image
HenriNo image
HernandezNo image
HobbsNo image
JoeyNo image
KatNo image
LaineNo image
LanghamNo image
MaquesNo image
MedovskyNo image
MouseNo image
NavetNo image
Nico CollardNo image
PhoneNo image
PierontNo image
Ramon (young)No image
Ramon (old)No image
RickenbackerNo image
RonnieNo image
ShearsNo image
SimeonNo image
SofiaNo image
TannoyNo image
TiagoNo image
WaiterNo image
WaterlooNo image
XavierNo image

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

71 /100

Released: 2013

Paris in the spring. Shots ring out from a gallery. A robbery -- a murder -- and the beginning of another epic, original Broken Sword adventure! Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse builds on the rich heritage of the...