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Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (Credits)

Revolution Software

Charles CecilDirector
Steve InceProject Producer
Dave CumminsScript Writer
Jonathan HowardScript Writer
James LongLead Programmer
Tony WarrinerSystem Programmer
James LongSystem Programmer
Paul PorterTechnical Programmer
David SykesGame Tools
Steve OadesAnimation Director
Andrew WalrondSupport Programmer
Jeremy SallisSupport Programmer
Barrington PheloungMusic Composer
Keith GriegPaper Animator
Dan WhitworthPaper Animator
Premier FilmsPaper Animation (Support Company)
Mark PoveyPaper Animator
Electric SpectaclePaper Animation (Support Company)
Des DugganPaper Animator
Red RoverCharacter design (Support Company)
Mat TaylorCharacter Designer
Jane StroudColouring
Andi ForsterColouring
Matthew DrakeColouring
Steve OadesSprite Animator
Paul HumphreysSprite Animator
Andi ForsterSprite Animator
Linda SmithSprite Animator
Michael RyanSprite Animator
Mark PoveySprite Animator
Jane StroudSprite Animator
Mike GreenSprite Animator
Steve InceSprite Animator
Martin PoveySprite Animator
Eoghan CahillBackground Layouts
Neil BreenBackground Layouts
Tony PullhamBackground Layouts
Steve InceBackground Layouts
David SwiftBackground Colourists
Steve OadesBackground Colourists
Jane StroudBackground Colourists
Electric SpectacleBackground Spectacle (Support Company)
Helen JonesBackground Colourists
Red RoverSequence Animation (Support Company)
Keith GreigSequence Animator
Mark PoveySequence Animator
Celine CiernanSequence Animator
Noel CiernanSequence Animator
Ros AllenSequence Animator
Steve InceSequence Composition
Jane StroudSequence Composition
Charles CecilStory /Design
Dave CumminsStory /Design
Jonathan HowardStory /Design
Noirin CarmodyStory Consultant
Alan DruryScript Editor
Noirin CarmodyMarketing
Jonathan HowardSampling
Dave CumminsSampling
Noirin CarmodyBusiness Affairs
Jame LongIn-house Testing
Charles CecilIn-house Testing
Dave CumminsIn-house Testing
Jonathan HowardIn-house Testing
Matthew DrakeIn-house Testing
Hackenbacker StudiosSound Effects (Support Company)
The London Metropolitan OrchestaMusic performance (Support Company)
Heather LovejoySpecial music assistant
Digital AmusementMac-Conversion (Support Company)

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.

Michael MerrenProducer
Tony ByusAssistant Producer
Sarah EwingProduct Manager
Gary FoleyTest Manager
David IsherwoodLead Product Analysts
Jonathan StockenLead Product Analysts
Al PerchProduct Analysts
Ron FestejoProduct Analysts
00-MalkaProduct Analysts (Support Company)
Frazer-1Product Analysts (Support Company)
Haydn WrightProduct Analysts
David CorlessProduct Analysts
Tony ByusProduct Analysts
Mike MerrenProduct Analysts
John MartinQuality Assurance
David IsherwoodSampling
Richard HewisonSampling
Tony ByusSampling
Jonathan StockenSampling
Michael MerrenSampling
Sean BrennanStory Consultant
Dan MarchantStory Consultant
Julian Lynn-EvansBusiness Affairs
Sarah EwingMarketing
Doug JohnsMarketing
Pam DoltonLegal Affairs
Sally MuddLegal Affairs
Paul WhippScheduling
Tim ChaneyGaffer
Sean BrennanGaffer

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.

Chris DudasProducer
Norm KarnsAssociate Producer
Ken LoveAssociate Producer
Rand BleimeiisterMarketing VP
Kris KravesMarketing Manager
Nancy FeinerProduct Manager
Michelle NinoPS Manager
Tim PageTechnical Director
Mark RamshawManual
Steve JacksonTemplat booklet
Uses Smacker Video Technology

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

82 /100

Released: 1996

Uncover the identity of a jester assassin. Unlock the legend of the Knights Templar. Unravel a plot as twisted as the catacombs you're about to prowl.

As George Stobbart, an American in Paris, you find it odd when an...