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Releasing: December 31, 1990

It's 2456. Earth is under the control of NEO now, but the shadow of RAM is still present. Occasional attacks by RAM military are explained away as "acts of overanxious officers and "unfortunate lapses of judgement." NEO scrambles to rebuild a shattered planet and build the forces required to fend off the RAM attack it feels is inevitable. "Buck Rogers!" The name is everywhere. "Buck Rogers and NEO victory at Gauntlet- Vid at eleven." The Video Network News, people talking on the streets of old Earth, even in the furthest asteroid outposts--Buck Rogers and NEO are everywhere.
There is a feeling of hope now. After years of domination, RAM no longer holds old Earth, and NEO is finally able to make a real stand against the corporate behemoth. Victories, real and exaggerated, boost NEO confidence daily.

NEO ranks are swelling with new recruits -young people who never before felt they could make a difference. Your team is assembled from those ranks. Each member has made his or her way to Chicagorg with plans to join the war against RAM supremacy. Each has visions of great victories, glory, and lasting fame--like Buck Rogers....

To play Countdown to Doomsday, you must make characters and band them together into a team. The team must have a variety of talents and skills to survive and finally succeed.