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Already released Worldwide [WW] on Android

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Worldwide [WW]Android
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Puzzle “Build If You Can!” takes the player to the amazing fantasy world survived after the awful catastrophe. The giant wave practically washed away the Ancient Town and left the locals` houses destroyed. Now the player is obliged to become a new god and pick up pieces of old knowledge and building technology, lost after the cataclysm. This is the only way to help poor cuties in reconstruction of their native land and solve all mysteries.

Combining fancy blocks, the player will try to build the mysterious towers and reach the maximum height to succeed in this mission. But because of the form or fragility of some figures as well as effect of the real physics, it will not be so easy! And if the player proves that human mind can harness the power of Nature, he will be able to make an unforgettable trip around this unexpected world, meet with new funny friends and save them all, of course!


• Defy real physics! Show everyone that you can take control of Gravity!
• Consider the material of the blocks to build really stable towers!
• Find the right combination of fancy figures to build higher!
• Get past challenges and earn more rewards!
• Travel around the picturesque locations and meet charming inhabitants!
• Open the portals and discover them to get more rewards!
• Use different boosters: Freeze, Figure Return and others!
• Connect to Facebook and show of your progress!