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Bulb Boy (Credits)

Arthur MikolajczykBeethoven of Code
Szymon LukasikGuy with the Big Sketchpad
Bartosz GajdarskiGuy That Hear Voices
Ela Eli MazurkiewiczSinger
Mateusz MolekMagican of Unity
Agata BajdaShining Thanks
Maja LukasikShining Thanks
Maks LukasikShining Thanks
BejkaShining Thanks
MomShining Thanks
HaryShining Thanks
FamilyShining Thanks
FriendsShining Thanks
Mark MARKIPLIER FischlachShining Thanks
Andrew DickmanShining Thanks
Mateuse AllrichtShining Thanks
Lucek MichalowskiShining Thanks
Bozena Papara-JwanowskaShining Thanks
Zeus JipadoShining Thanks
Rondal Scott IIIShining Thanks
Joel LimShining Thanks
Lukasz KaletaShining Thanks
Jacek GlowackiShining Thanks
Vanillish PokemonShining Thanks
Chelsie Jacobs-EltonShining Thanks
Michal PowlowskiShining Thanks
Dawid RadziszewskiShining Thanks
Lukasz RutkowskiShining Thanks
Lukasz SpierewkaShining Thanks
Michal StaniszewskiShining Thanks
Jesse MakkonenShining Thanks
Malgorzata NowakShining Thanks
Artur BarutowiczShining Thanks
Zuzanna MoszczyiscyShining Thanks
Konrad MoszczyiscyShining Thanks
Joana RusinekShining Thanks
Aneta BajdaShining Thanks
Felix PEWIDIEPIE KjellbergShining Thanks
Jesse CoxShining Thanks
Marco MotturaShining Thanks
Zeus JipadoShining Thanks
Rondal Scott IIIShining Thanks
Kaja MikoszewskaShining Thanks
Polish PixelShining Thanks (Support Company)
Piotr PyciriskiShining Thanks
KulsonShining Thanks
PresjanShining Thanks
VoyoShining Thanks
SisPShining Thanks
JlniakiShining Thanks
Tom AflotShining Thanks
JustexShining Thanks
Stephane PerinShining Thanks
Lukasz LESIU LesickiShining Thanks
DynaudioShining Thanks
Piotr WieckowskiShining Thanks
Rysiek SwiechShining Thanks
Ela ELI MazurkiewiczShining Thanks
Powel GocekShining Thanks
Ya Kid KShining Thanks
TechnotronicShining Thanks
Eric ChahiShining Thanks
CakewalkShining Thanks
Jean-Francois FreitasShining Thanks
Infected MushroomShining Thanks
Kotarzyna PedzinmazShining Thanks
Powel KANTHALL JuraczykShining Thanks
HeniekShining Thanks
PixelShining Thanks
VitoShining Thanks
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Bulb Boy

70 /100

Released: 2015

One gloomy night, Bulb Boy wakes suddenly from a frightening nightmare to discover that evil has overshadowed the Bulbhouse. His family has disappeared and there are horrid monsters lurking in the shadows. Gather the...