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Caesar III (Credits)

Impressions Games

David LesterDesigner
Simon BradburyProgrammer
Eric OuelletteProducer
Darrin HorbalArt Director
Ron AlpertArtist
Adam CarrivoloArtist
Bob CurtisArtist
Mike MaloneArtist
Heidi MannArtist
Andrea MuzerollArtist
Dennis RoseArtist
Gary BendilowArtist
Michael BestArtist
Martin PoveyArtist
Daniel ShuttArtist
David LesterManual & Research
Ken ParkerManual & Research
Jon PayneQA Manager
Edward SaltzmanVideo Editing and Compression
Edward SaltzmanSound Effects
Robert EuvinoMusic
Greg SheppardLead Tester
Neal SumsionQuality Assurance
Nial CallaghanQuality Assurance
Austin ParsonsQuality Assurance
Doug GonyaGame Model Advisor
Doug GonyaMap & Assignment Designer
Eric OuelleteMap & Assignment Designer
Ken ParkerMap & Assignment Designer
Greg SheppardMap & Assignment Designer
Brian CoonsQuality Assurance
Frank LavoieQuality Assurance
Tony LeierQuality Assurance
Wayne McCaulQuality Assurance
Tom RogersQuality Assurance
Chris BeatriceSpecial Thanks


Caesar III

83 /100

Released: 1998

Caesar III is part of Sierra's City Building Series and was released in October 1998. Cities in Caesar III try to accurately reflect the life of Roman citizens: the lowest plebians live in tents and shacks, while the...