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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of The Earth (Credits)

Headfirst Productions

Chaosium IncBased on the roleplaying game by (Support Company)
H.P. LovecraftBased on the works by
Chris GrayProducer & Lead Designer
Gareth ClarkeLead Engineer
Rob SteptoeLead Technical Artist
Troy TempestLead Creative Artist
Willhelm OgteropLead Animator
Ed DavisSenior Engineer
Alexey KryazhevSenior Engineer
Bojan NasticSenior Engineer
Ivan NevraevSenior Engineer
Justin AndrewsEngineer
Pelham ArnoEngineer
Robert BakerEngineer
Yordan GyurchevEngineer
Simon JefferiesEngineer
Mike ValentineEngineer
David White (I)Engineer
James BlackhamAdditional Design & Level Scripter
Malcolm GrantAdditional Design & Level Scripter
Ed KayAdditional Design & Level Scripter
Robert MasellaAdditional Design & Level Scripter
Kyra SamuelAdditional Design & Level Scripter
Andrew BrazierTechnical Art
Peter HopkinsTechnical Art
Deanne CoweBackground Art
Simon GustafssonBackground Art
Simon IbleBackground Art
David LinforthBackground Art
James WaltersBackground Art
Damon Wilson-HartBackground Art
Tim ApplebyCharacter Modeller
Alexis LiosatosCharacter Modeller
Yuen Sin NgCharacter Modeller
Nelle AmsterdamAnimator
Nathan DellAnimator
Becky QuinnAnimator
James ReedAnimator
Jesper SkoogAnimator
Niel VenterAnimator
Chris GrayScriptwriter
Greg ChandlerMusic Composition & Sound Engineer
Mick SandersonQuality Assurance
Simon WoodroffeCreative Director
Mike WoodroffeManaging Director

Bethesda Softworks LLC

Todd VaughnVice President of Production
Dennis ChengProducer
Mike EridleyQuality Assurance Manager
Rob GrayQuality Assurance Team Lead
Ruben BrownQuality Assurance Tester
Ryan GerhardtQuality Assurance Tester
Mike JenkinsQuality Assurance Tester
Chris KrietzQuality Assurance Tester
Mike MazzucaQuality Assurance Tester
Nathan X. McDyerQuality Assurance Tester
Jennifer NolandQuality Assurance Tester
Louis RileyQuality Assurance Tester
Michael WagnerManual and Packaging Design
Craig MullinsPackaging and Marketing Art
Pete HinesDirector of PR and Marketing
Diana CalilhannaMarketing Assistant
Vlatko AndonovPresident
Lani MinellaVoice Direction
AudiogodzVoice Casting (Support Company)
Bill Corkey ProductionsVoice Recording (Support Company)
Lethal SoundsVoice Editing (Support Company)
Steve GreenSpecial Thanks

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of The Earth

79 /100

Released: 2005

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth combines an action-horror game with a fairly realistic and immersive first-person shooter, with good stealth elements. The game is based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft,...