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hollensworth29s Review [10.0/10]

If ever a game defined a generation it would have to be BO2. Playing zombies or nuketown with your friends after getting out of school is an experience that cannot be matched. Excellent gameplay and a strong campaign.

Atomic_Zombie_Zs Review [10.0/10]

One of the few games I truly believe deserves a 10/10, the multiplayer was amazingly balanced, the campaign was fantastic and even though some of the zombies maps weren't the greatest (Tranzit), we got maps such as Buried, Mob of the Dead and most important Origins, which is regarded by many (including me) as the best zombies map ever made. Trul...

melmis_001's review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II [10.0/10]

Best COD in the series. I played it hundreds of times and played every way on the story and gameplay. Zombies are also great. Weapons, destruction, gameplay, maps, music, story... this is the best call of duty ever created. It fits between reality, old and new, future. Back in time its community was good. Graphics for the xbox 360 were awesome. ...