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Call of Duty (Credits)

Infinity Ward

Jason WestEngineering Lead
Zied RiekeDesign Lead
Justin ThomasArt Lead
Mchael BoonAnimation Lead
Vince ZampellaProducer
Ken TurnerDevelopment Director
Robert FieldEngineering
Francesco GigliottiEngineering
Carl Glave Jr.Engineering
Earl Hammon Jr.Engineering
Bryan KuhnAdditional Programming
Fairfax Sheild McCandlish IVAdditional Programming
Todd AldermanLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Keith BellLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Steve FukudaLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Preston GlennLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Chad GrenierLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Fairfax Shield McCandlish IVLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Nate SilversLevel Design & Gameplay Scripting
Brad AllenArt
Chris HassellArt
Jeff HeathArt
Paul JuryLead 2D Art
Kevin Chen (I)Concept Art
Dan ModitchAdditional Art
Sloan AndersonAdditional Art
Ursula EschetAnimation
Chance GlascoAnimation
Paul MesserlyAnimation
Shadows in DarknessAdditional Animaton (Support Company)
Chuck RussomSound
Jack GrilloAdditional Sound
Bryan KuhnSystem Administrator
Grant CollierCEO
Vince ZampellaCCO
Jason WestCTO
Janice TurnerOffice Manager
Clifton ClineTester
Oliver GeorgeTester
Chris HermansTester
Matthew LeckowskiTester
Scott MatloffTester
Gavin McCandlishTester
David OberlinTester
Mike PhillipsHistorical Reference
Josh HennigerHistorical Reference
Dave SantiHistorical Reference
Ron DoorninkSpecial Thanks
Larry GoldbergSpecial Thanks
Mark LamiaSpecial Thanks
Laird M. MalamedSpecial Thanks
Bill AnkerSpecial Thanks
George RoseSpecial Thanks
Greg DeutschSpecial Thanks
Brian AdamsSpecial Thanks
Gray MatterSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
John Garcia-SheltonSpecial Thanks
Spark UnlimitedSpecial Thanks (Support Company)


Thaine LymanSenior Producer
Ken MurphyProducer
Eric GrossmanAssociate Producer
Daniel HagertyAssociate Producer
Matthew BealProduction Coordinator
Robert KirschenbaumProduction Tester
Patrick BowmanProduction Tester
Eric AdamsAdditional Production
Laird M. MalamedSenior Executive Producer
Mark LamiaVP North American Studios
Larry GoldbergExecutive VP Worldwide Studios

WOMB Music

Margaret TangCasting and Direction
Rik SchafferRecording, Engineering, Editing, VO Effect Design
Salami StudiosRecorded at (Support Company)
The CastleRecorded at (Support Company)


Michael GiacchinoOriginal Musical Score
Justin Skomarovsky"Age of War" (Intro Movie) Music
Michael SchifferScriptwriter
Global Brand Management
Brad CarrawayBrand Manager
Richard BrestAssociate Brand Manager
David PokressDirector, GMB
Dusty WelchVP, GMB
Kathy VrabeckExecutive VP, GMB
Mike MantarroSenior Publicist
Michelle NinoDirector, Corp Communications
Tricia BerteroVP, Trade Marketing
John DilulloDirector, Trade Marketing
Julie DeWolfTrade Marketng Manager
Business & Legal Affairs
Greorge RoseBusiness & Legal Affairs
Greg DeutschBusiness & Legal Affairs
Creative Services
Denise WalshVP, Creative Services & Operations
Matthew StainnerCreative Marketing Director
Jill BarryCreative Services Manager
Shelby YatesCreative Services Assistant Manager
Hamagami/Carroll Inc.Package Design (Support Company)
Ignited Minds, LLCManual Design (Support Company)
Scott DodkinsSenior Vice President, European Publishing
Roger WalkdenUK General Manager
Alison TurnerDirector of Marketing UK/ROE
Nathalie RansonHead of Publishing Services
Jackie SuttonCreative Services Manager
Tamsin LucasSenior Localisation Project Manager
Simon DawesSenior Localisation Project Manager
Trevor BurrowsEuropean Publishing Services Coordinator
Daleep ChhabriaBrand Manager
Heather ClarkeEuropean Operations Manager
Lynne MossProduction Planner
Victoria FisherProduction Planner
Effective Media GmbHGerman Localization (Support Company)
ExequoFrench Localization (Support Company)
Synthesis InternationalItalian & Spanish Localization (Support Company)
Kids StationJapanese Localization (Support Company)
Unalis CorporationChinese Localization (Support Company)
Mega EnterpriseKorean Localization (Support Company)
Activision Germany
Stefan LuludesMarketing Manager, Germany
Bernd ReinartzPR Manager, Germany
Julia VolkmannPR Executive, Germany
Stefan SeidelBrand Manager, Germany
Thorsten HuebschmannIT & Web Manager, Germany
Activision France
Bernard SizeyMarketing Director, France
Guillaume LairanMarketing Group Manager, France
Gautier OrmanceyBrand Manager, France
Diane De DomecyPR Manager, France
Central Technology
John FrittsInstaller Scripting
Andrew PettersonInstaller Programming
Quality Assurance / Customer Support
Brad SaavedraProject Lead, QA / Customer Support
Matt McClureSenior Project Lead, QA / Customer Support
Marilena RixfordQA Manager
Quality Assurance Test Team
Bryan JuryFloor Lead, QA
Erik MelenMP Coordinator, QA
Peter BealSP Coordinator, QA
Rober Max MartinDatabase Manager
Paul GoldillaDatabase Manager
Randolph d'AmoreTester
Sean BerrettTester
Donald E. MarshallTester
Soukha PhimpasoukTester
Keith McClellanTester
Kim CarrascoTester
Mike CurranTester
Sungwon ChoeTester
Sadullah NaderTester
Jeff GrantTester
Michael RadzichovskyTester
Patrick RyanTester
Carlos RamirezTester
Dylan LeongTester
Morrison ChenTester
Rodrick RipleyTester
Doug WootenTester
Aaron MosnyTester
Jay FrankeTester
Henry VillanuevaTester
Nathaniel McClureTester
Chris KeimNetwork Senior Lead
Neil BarizoCompatibility Senior Lead
Tim VanlawManager, Code Release Group
Jef SedivyLead, Code Release Group
Douglas Richard ToddCRG Tester
Mike RestifoCRG Tester
James CallCRG Tester
Gian Ferivi-CastellanosCRG Tester
Paul ColbertLocalization Project Lead
Anthony Hatch KorotkoNight Crew Senior Lead
Adam HartsfieldNight Crew Manager
Andrew ChristyLocalization Tester
Chris SimonLocalization Tester
Chris DolanLocalization Tester
John BatshonLocalization Tester
Michael D. HillLocalization Tester
John WhangLocalization Tester
Jesse MooneyLocalization Tester
Denny YanezLocalization Tester
Israel BareoLocalization Tester
Daniel Cheng (I)Localization Tester
Ryan FordLocalization Tester
Dane FrederiksenLocalization Tester
Dustin GreenLocalization Tester
Michael IslesLocalization Tester
Tim KeosababianLocalization Tester
Kevin KraeerLocalization Tester
Jason LevineThird Shift Manager
Andrew LiuThird Shift Tester
Ronald HartThird Shift Tester
Matt RyderThird Shift Tester
Bob McPhersonManager, Customer Support
Gary BolducSr. Lead, Phone Support
Michael HillSr. Lead, E-mail Support
Rob LimLead Information and Escalation Support
Steve RosenthalSpecial Thanks
Peter MuravezSpecial Thanks
Juan ValdezSpecial Thanks
Doug AverySpecial Thanks
Steve HolmesSpecial Thanks
Jason KimSpecial Thanks
Sam NourianiSpecial Thanks
Brelan DuffSpecial Thanks
Matt MortonSpecial Thanks
Caryn LawSpecial Thanks
Brian PassSpecial Thanks
Blaine ChristineSpecial Thanks
Ryan RucinskiSpecial Thanks
Brent BoylenSpecial Thanks
Joe ShackelfordSpecial Thanks
Asif HusainSpecial Thanks
Casey KeefeSpecial Thanks
Jonathan MosesSpecial Thanks
Gene BahngSpecial Thanks
Aaron GraySpecial Thanks
Doug PearsonSpecial Thanks
Danny TaylorSpecial Thanks
Eain BankinsSpecial Thanks
Marc StruhlSpecial Thanks
Pat DwyerSpecial Thanks
James MayedaSpecial Thanks
Robert DePalmaSpecial Thanks
David DalzellSpecial Thanks
Kevin KraffSpecial Thanks
Graeme J. DevineSpecial Thanks
James MonroeSpecial Thanks
Ste CorkSpecial Thanks
David LuntzSpecial Thanks
Sebastien LaurentSpecial Thanks
Jim SummersCS / QA Special Thanks
Jason WongCS / QA Special Thanks
Jow FavazzaCS / QA Special Thanks
Ed CluneCS / QA Special Thanks
Nadine TheuzillotCS / QA Special Thanks
Chad SiedhoffCS / QA Special Thanks
Indra YeeCS / QA Special Thanks
Marco SeatagliniCS / QA Special Thanks
Joule MiddletonCS / QA Special Thanks
Todd KomesuCS / QA Special Thanks
Mike BeckCS / QA Special Thanks
Willie BoltonCS / QA Special Thanks
John RosserCS / QA Special Thanks
Jason PotterCS / QA Special Thanks
Glenn VitanteCS / QA Special Thanks
Jennifer VitelloCS / QA Special Thanks
Mike RixfordCS / QA Special Thanks
Tyler RiversCS / QA Special Thanks
Nick FavazzaCS / QA Special Thanks
Jessica McClureCS / QA Special Thanks
Jenna SaavedraCS / QA Special Thanks

Athenaeum Productions

Edward F. FeuerherdHistorial Images and End Game Footage

CineSpark Motion Media

Jarett MelvilleHistorial Images and End Game Footage

Absinthe Pictures

Rob TroyIntroduction Cinematics
Lisa RiznikoveIntroduction Cinematics
Dan BakerIntroduction Cinematics

Call of Duty

83 /100

Released: 2003

The player has two primary weapon slots, a handgun slot and can carry up to eight grenades (all of the later Call of Duty games feature only two weapon slots; a sidearm will fill one of these slots). Weapons may be...