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Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (Credits)

Legend Entertainment

Spider RobinsonBased on the books by
Josh MandellDesigner & Writer
Jim MontanusAssistant Designer
Mark PoeschProducer
Jim MontanusProducer
Jim TylerProject Management
Jim MontanusTechnical Lead
Bob BatesDesign Review and Consultation
Chip KerchnerBar Implementation
Steve RileyChocolate Story Implementation
Bob BatesPyotr's Story Implementation
Mike YoungPyotr's Story Implementation
Michael ShulmanPyotr's Story Implementation
Duane BeckGentling Story Implementation
Michael LindnerAl Phee's Story Implementation
Glen DahlgrenRalph's Story Implementation
Duane BeckRalph's Story Implementation
Jim MontanusRalph's Story Implementation
Chip KerchnerRalph's Story Implementation
Jim TylerFraming Story Implementation
Mike YoungFraming Story Implementation
Chip KerchnerAlternate Interface Implementation
Duane BeckAlternate Interface Implementation
Steve RileyAlternate Interface Implementation
Mike YoungAlternate Interface Implementation
Mark PoeschSystem Design
Duane BeckSystem Design
Michael LindnerSystem Design
Mike VerduSystem Design
Jim MontanusSystem Design
Paul MockInterface Design
Jim MontanusInterface Design
Josh MandelInterface Design
Mark PoeschInterface Design
Duane BeckSystem Programming
Mark PoeschSystem Programming
Chip KerchnerSystem Programming
Jim MontanusSystem Programming
Duane BeckDialog System Development
Jim MontanusDialog System Development
Mark PoeschGraphics System Development
Chip KerchnerGraphics System Development
Mike VerduHelp System
Mark PoeschHelp System
John MilesAudio Interface Library 3.0
Joven MalazoQuality Assurance
Steve RileyQuality Assurance
Rosie FreemanQuality Assurance
Bob BatesQuality Assurance
Chris CurtisQuality Assurance
Michael ShinglerQuality Assurance
Kathleen BoberQuality Assurance
Arthur AdamsQuality Assurance
Tim FishQuality Assurance
Mike VenduQuality Assurance
Jim MontanusArt Production
Jim MontanusArt Direction
Josh MandelArt Direction
Paul MockAssistant Art Director
Paul MockArt and Animation
Kinetic ArtsArt and Animation (Support Company)

Kinetic Arts

Julie ArioldiArt and Animation
Pete CalabriaArt and Animation
John CorboneArt and Animation
Doug CellineriArt and Animation
Rich IsaacsonArt and Animation
Tanya IsaacsonArt and Animation
Cindy KovalckArt and Animation
Richard McGillArt and Animation
Robert MorrisseyArt and Animation
Mack TetreoultArt and Animation
Robert WisnewskiArt and Animation

Sherer Design Associates

Steve Sherer3D Animation
Justin Post3D Animation
Earl Wenzel3D Animation
Kinetic Arts3D Animation (Support Company)

Legend Entertainment

Paul Mock3D Animation
Eric HeberlingSound Effects Production and Engineering
Mark PoeschSound Effects Production and Engineering
Absolute Pitch StudiosSound Effects (Support Company)
Alan KennedyMusic
Kathleen BoberCasting
Josh MandelCasting
Kathleen BoberVoice Production
Jim MontanusVoice Production
Kathleen BoberVoice Direction
Absolute Pitch StudiosRecording (Support Company)
Andrew FrazierPost-Production Engineering
Eric HeberlingPost-Production Engineering
Live Action
Kathleen BoberLive Action Producer / Director
Philip CookVideography
Filte ThreeEngineering
Monroe ThomasJake's Wife - Live Action
Roxanne CookJake's Daugher - Live Action
Spider RobinsonWriter - Songs
Dan CasavantProducer - Songs
Michael CreberProducer - Songs
Spider RobinsonLead Vocals
Spider RobinsonAcoustic Guitar
Dan CasavantElectric 6 & 12-strong Guitar - Songs
Dan CasavantAcoustic "high strong" & 6-string guitars
Dan CosavantBanjo
Michael CreberDigital piano, Hammond B-3 Organ
Amors GarrettElectric Guitar (all solos)
Jerry AdolpheDrums
Brian NewcombeElectric Bass
Tom ColcloughClarinet
Bill RungeAlto, tenor and baritone saxes
Catherine St. GermainBackground Vocals
Ron VaugeroisBackground Vocals
Ken AllenSpecial Thanks
Dan CasavantSpecial Thanks
Kathy FrazierSpecial Thanks
Phil JosephSpecial Thanks
Alan MandelSpecial Thanks
Jim MontanusSpecial Thanks
Peggy OrianiSpecial Thanks
Pyraponic IndustriesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Spider RobinsonSpecial Thanks
Ken RolstonSpecial Thanks
Woodrow Wilson SmithSpecial Thanks
Lesa SpravkaSpecial Thanks
Jim TylerSpecial Thanks

Take-Two Interactive

Tom RigasProducer
Scott ShustQA Director
Tim BumorProject Leader
Layne BurdQuality Assurance
Larry RichQuality Assurance
Linda Rogers BouckQuality Assurance
Don DillingerQuality Assurance
Ray TaylorQuality Assurance
Jennifer KolbeManual Production
Juan AbadManual Design & Layout
Lance SeymourMarketing & Publicity

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Released: 1997

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon is a puzzle-solving adventure game based on Spider Robinson's series of stories about the unusual patrons of Callahan's bar. The characters in the game are taken from the first book of the...