Time until Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons release!

Already released in Europe [EU] on Acorn Electron

RegionTime leftPlatform
Europe [EU]Acorn Electron
Europe [EU]BBC Microcomputer System
Europe [EU]Atari ST/STE
Europe [EU]Amiga
Europe [EU]ZX Spectrum
Europe [EU]Commodore C64/128



The message is simple: co-operate or die!

It's double fun and double trouble all the way in Captain Fizz, the most exciting simultaneous two-player game you and a friend are ever likely to play. It's a whole new world of split-screen, high-speed action, as both of you take on the nasty Blaster-Trons infesting the planet Icarus.

Yup, it's a tough mission all right, but you might just win out with the right blend of co-operation, courage, laser-hot reflexes, practical sense...and brains. The action is fast and furious in Captain Fizz, but if you can't work out the right tactics you'll both be dead meat.

There are 22 levels of savage and relentless action to battle through before you reach your objective, the central computer that's causing the evil infestation. You'll never get there, though, unless you put your heads together and co-operate; your buddy can't do it on his own, and neither can you. This is one program where even the easy games are hard. So remember- united you stand, but divided you fall....

Warning: this game is impossible to beat on you own.