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Genre: Fighting, Racing

Platforms: PC DOS, Mac, PlayStation, Android

Take the wheel as Max Damage as you plow scores of vehicles unlucky enough to be in your way. Your soundtrack will be the sound of crunching metal, the splatter of motor oil on the windshield, and the screams of skidding tires. With a white-knuckled grip on the wheel, you’ll have the choice of 23 crash mobiles (from a terrifying monster truck to a high octane Dragster) and 30+ levels of hellish fury and motorized terror.

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7 reviews

Alright 80%

The one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art game that comes from a time when games were fun, young and wild. Although the idea was not new and far from groundbreaking, the way it was realized really made the big difference. No other game will ever have the same gut feeling that Carma gave you. It brought out the violent bastard in you and brought a sick little smile on your face as you plowed through crowds of intentionally annoying pedestrians on masterp... Read More

Positive points
-Fun bloody gameplay
-Creative design
-Damage system
-Dark humour
Negative points
-Repetitive mechanics
-Random car acquiring