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Carmageddon 64

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Genre: Fighting, Racing

Platforms: Nintendo 64

Carmageddon 64 was a port of Carmageddon II, released for the Nintendo 64 video game console in 2000. It was developed by Software Creations, and due to be published by Interplay, but it was published by Titus Entertainment after they bought the company.

The game featured opponents and levels from Carmageddon II, as well as a couple of exclusive characters.

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In 2026, solar flares contaminated the Earth's atmosphere, and anyone exposed to the toxic fumes for too long became a zombie. Survivors took refuge within hastily constructed Climate Emulation Centers, and although they were safe, some found it dull. These thrill-seekers took to racing around the outside worlds abandoned race circuits, and didn't think twice about running down any zombies that wandered onto the race route. The authorities realised that the racers had stumbled upon a fun solution to the zombie problem, so promised the drivers a life in the sun on an off-world colony; the kind that even millionaire playboys would struggle to attain. With a marvellous prize up for grabs, and no one marshalling the races, the events rapidly took a violent turn, and everyone competing had to remember: "Drive to Survive."