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Caesars Palace is a 1992 Virgin Interactive gambling video game developed by Realtime Associates for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Magnin and Associates for the Game Boy; also there is Game Gear (1993) version.

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THE ULTIMATE BLACKJACK SIMULATION! Unlimited chips (no chip to buy in the game)

• TRAINING MODE: improve your strategy by choosing your casino rules, initial bankroll and bet limits.
• CHALLENGE MODE: try to win 10,000 chips starting with only 50!

Use simple and intuitive gestures to play quickly: tap to hit, double-tap to double down, swipe to stand and spread your fingers to split the cards.
You can play up to three hands in parallel.

BlackJack Challenge features clear retina graphics with simple but efficient animations and sounds so you can dive quickly into the game.

As the game rules may change from one place to another, BlackJack Challenge lets you choose among several game settings so you can easily match the rules of your favorite casino tables. These game features are fully customizable:
• H17 / S17 for the dealer hand
• Hole Card / No Hole Card (european game)
• Double down on 9-10-11 only
• Double After Split allowed / forbidden
• Surrender allowed / forbidden
• Maximum resplits (from 0 to 3)
• Initial bankroll (from 50 to 10,000)
• Minimum - maximum bet (from 2 to 5,000)
• Board color (green, blue, red or purple)

• Number of decks (from 1 to 10) for Training mode
• Deck penetration (from CSM to 80%) for Training mode
• Counting strategy (7 options)
• Statistics dashboard
• Basic strategy tables

BlackJack Challenge automatically uses your local currency for figures.

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With Craps Academy's accurate professional simulation, you effortlessly learn the casino game of craps. Whether novice or experienced you will find Craps Academy a vauable tool for developing or sharpening your game skills. You can learn how to make favorable bets, and avoid those designed for suckers. You can learn the bets that must be handled by the dealer, the bets that don't show on the table, and how your bet size can increase your winnings.

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Everything you wanted to know about blackjack but were too shy to ask. From the novice to the pro, BlackJack Academy will help you learn to play blackjack or brush up before you hit the tables. BlackJack Academy features a five player table so you and four friends can all play, multiple table rules like Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City as well as the ability to specify your own table rules. BlackJack Academy offers on-line help for all the different play options and will even give you the optimal play for the current hand if you like. Color selectability, game save and retrieve, and different play strategies are some of the other features of Blackjack Academy. We are sure you and your friends will have many hours of fun and education with Blackjack Academy. Microillusions is proud to have you sitting at our table.

Other features include: sound toggle, play speeds from slow to very fast, card counting toggle, player card total toggle, money management guide, any dollar amount can be selected from table minimum to $9999.00 (individual totals can get to be much, much higher during the play of the game), as well as a pocket size quick reference guide for optimal play when you are at the tables.

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