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Castle Crashers (Credits)

The Behemoth

Tom FulpProgramming and Game Design
Dan PaladinArt and Animation
John BaezProducer
Josh BarthProgramming
Mike WelshProgramming
Emil AyoubkahnProject Manager, Webmaster
David OrrMusic
Selcuk BorMusic
Ian SliderMusic
Piercing LazerMusic
Paragonx 9Music
Will StamperMusic and Sound Effects
Jeff BandelinCharacter Portraits
Chip BurwellAdditional Programming
Scott FadickAdditional Programming
Lawrence MayfieldQA Lead
Andre MercierQA
Kelly RevakQA
Dustin IllingworthQA
NewgroundsAdditional Sound Effects (Support Company)
Bob RudderowAdditional QA
5DI Media ServicesLocalization (Support Company)
Billie MartinTradeshow Coordinator
Tim MillerTechnical Consultant
April FulpSpecial Thanks
Tonia BarthSpecial Thanks
Lucas BarthSpecial Thanks
Hannah SutinSpecial Thanks
Brandon LaCavaSpecial Thanks
Andrew WattSpecial Thanks
Molly WattSpecial Thanks
Yvonne Rizzo De LagunaSpecial Thanks
Alan DevoeSpecial Thanks
Pearl KugelSpecial Thanks
Greg MarkowSpecial Thanks
Stephanie YangSpecial Thanks
Ryan YoonSpecial Thanks
Omar GudinoSpecial Thanks
Alex NevittSpecial Thanks
Scott BlairSpecial Thanks
David RobbinsSpecial Thanks
Luis CastanonSpecial Thanks
Nick PastoSpecial Thanks
Stephen ColieSpecial Thanks
Mega64Special Thanks (Support Company)

Castle Crashers

81 /100

Released: 2008

This four player RPG adventure will let you hack, slash, and smash your way to victory. Featuring hand-drawn characters, Castle Crashers delivers unique hi-res illustrated visuals and intense gameplay action. Play...