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Cel Damage (Credits)

Pseudo Interactive

David WuDirector of Technology
Rich HilmerDevelopment Lead
Daniel PosnerProgramming Lead
Gary SnyderArt Director
Kevin BarrettProject Director / Lead Designer
Visual Arts
Joseph GanetakosLead Artist
Sonya Roberts3D Artist
David Feltham3D Artist / Animator
Ted KimConcept Artist
Vince ChuiConcept / Texture Artist
Woojin ChoiTexture Artist
Heidi KlinckModeler
Bill KimberleyCut Scene Animator
Derek ElliotCut Scene Animator
Mike OliverCut Scene Animator
Domenic TrapassoArt Intern
Programming and Development
Jason HasenbuhlerGame Programmer
Guillaume Provost3D Graphics and Tools Programmer
Chris ForresterAssistant Developer
John HarleyQuality Assurance Lead
Tova PosnerOperations Manager
Lorraine MahScheduling and Coordination

Electronic Arts

Matt McKnightProducer
Jeff HassonAssociate Producer
Atsuko MatsumotoInt'l Development Director
Steve PerkinsProduct Manager
Anthony CaiazzoMarketing Assistant
Jerris MungaiPublic Relations
Anne Marie SteinPublic Relations
Jeanne WongPublic Relations
John BurnsPackage Product Management
Ayzenberg GroupPackage Design (Support Company)
Jennifer ChristensonWebsite Producer
Geoff KoopsWebsite Art Director
Michael YaskoMastering
Michael DeirMastering
Yakim HayukMastering
Chris EspirituMastering
Ede ClarkeDocumentation
Kurt HsuTesting Manager
Tim AttuquayefioTesting Supervisor
David MillerLead Tester
Deni SkeensLead Consultant
Chris NewellProduct Testing
Anny EphraimProduct Testing
Lenny CastilloProduct Testing
Romulo RodriguezProduct Testing
Chris PeersProduct Testing
Syruss FlyteProduct Testing
Egg Plant ProductionsMusic Composition and Performance (Support Company)
Steve SauveSound Effects
Lane RaichertCut Scenes Script / Storyboards / Voice Director
Raichert MediaAdditional Narrative and Design Elements (Support Company)
Venom GamesCut Scene Foley and Mastering (Support Company)
Special Thanks
Michael AbrashSpecial Thanks
Cliff AnselSpecial Thanks
Kevin BachausSpecial Thanks
Peter BergstromSpecial Thanks
Edwin CaparezSpecial Thanks
Dan CarverSpecial Thanks
Mark ChandlerSpecial Thanks
Phil EngstromSpecial Thanks
Marc FarleySpecial Thanks
Kathy FrazierSpecial Thanks
Ed FriesSpecial Thanks
Tom FrisinaSpecial Thanks
Andi GotardSpecial Thanks
Jeff HilbertSpecial Thanks
Rob HubbardSpecial Thanks
Elan LeeSpecial Thanks
Dave McCoySpecial Thanks
Harald SeeleySpecial Thanks
Warren SpectorSpecial Thanks
Jodi VetterlSpecial Thanks
David WatkinsSpecial Thanks
Jordan WeismanSpecial Thanks
Dave WhitakerSpecial Thanks
Gillian WuSpecial Thanks
Tim WuSpecial Thanks
Stephen AminiFocus Tester
Ed ChoFocus Tester
Christine ChuiFocus Tester
Yiola CleovoulouFocus Tester
Adrian ElliottFocus Tester
Chris EskinsFocus Tester
Lori EsserFocus Tester
James FoggFocus Tester
Frank GrisafiFocus Tester
Aaron HicksFocus Tester
Chris Jones-HansenFocus Tester
Wendy KwongFocus Tester
Rick MartinFocus Tester
Paul RochanFocus Tester
Joey SullivanFocus Tester
Sean SwayzeFocus Tester
Chris WhiteFocus Tester
Stephen White (I)Focus Tester
Aimee LuSpecial People
Amanda LeducSpecial People
Carrie SancartierSpecial People
Darryl ChanSpecial People
Kimberley BarrettSpecial People
Lisa WilsonSpecial People
Daniel AwadallaSpecial People
Lori EsserSpecial People
Sasha ZagorskySpecial People
Sophie TherrienSpecial People

Cel Damage

59 /100

Released: 2001

Imagine a world where 'toons rule the road and the demolition derby is a way of life. In Cel Damage, the world's toughest 'toons face off against each other in souped-up, weapon-laden vehicles to out-maneuver,...