A single-player platformer about climbing a mountain. Battle your inner demons and climb through more than 250 devious stages to reach the summit. It won't be easy.

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Review: Wrabies Review

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Celeste feels great while also hurting so bad. I knew this. Every review I read before I started explained how people wanted to break their controllers in half, and I agree. No game on my HDTV has ever made me question so harshly how many milliseconds of latency there, how I could be losing a precious more millisecond or two my controller by wire, how I could really use new rubber on my joysticks or even that fancy pro controller that's probably over $100. ...for a 2D platformer? Yes. Why? Why bother? Because it's beautiful.

Positive points
  • Expert audio. The soundtrack uses splendid variety of melodies and chords that cease to get old. Sound effects are just right. The voices as synthesizers are especially clever. The character development is so simple yet so deep, one of the deepest I've ever seen.
Negative points
  • The platforms themselves were put there to make you rage quit. And, bad news, that's the only thing you do the whole game.


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