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pacoliyo420's review of Celeste

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I found it to be a beautiful game, with an inspiring message. It deals with themes like anxiety and depression and portrays them mastefully. It's a platformer game where you have to climb a mountain called 'Celeste,' and the climbing of it is used as a metaphor to overcome the difficulties of the protagonist mental state.
The artistic style is pixel art and while it's nothing new, it's still good nonetheless. The soundtrack is great. Gameplay-wise, it's nothing out of this world and I found it tedious at several points. At first, I was motivated to collect the secondary collectibles, but after a while, I stopped because it seemed like a waste of time to me.
In summary, this game stands out for its message about the protagonist's mental state and her way of making peace with herself.

Positive points
  • Soundtrack
  • Message it portrays
  • Character development
Negative points
  • Tedious platforming

Total score