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Challengers of Khalea

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Genre: Strategy

In the magical land of Khalea, heroes are in no short supply. Alas, there is a woeful shortage of dragons to slay, or princesses to rescue. Thus, the heroes of Khalea find their adventures on the fields of Arenas across the land, in battles waged for the spectacle of common folk and nobles alike. Those hungry for adventure sell their swords on the open market, joining promising teams in exchange for a chance at coin and fame. ... Read More

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Challengers of Khalea is the tale of a band of misfits - near strangers, brought together by chance to manage a team of Arena fighters and fight their way to the Khalean Cup in the storybook-esque realm of Khalea. You are the team’s manager, a young Perkerian, thrust into the world of Arena Fighting by the drunken mischief of your reckless best friend, Jade. Together, you and your staff travel the realm of Khalea on the challenger’s circuit, getting to know them and their stories as you lead your team to the Championship! As you explore the realm, you will encounter fantastic locations, intriguing characters, and exciting events in the Terry Pratchett-esque world of Khalea.