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Champions of Krynn

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Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC DOS, Mac, Linux, Amiga

Even after the good Dragonarmies defeated the evil Dragonarmies in the War of the Lance, there are still pockets of Evil left on the continent of Ansalon, which is located on the world of Krynn. Rampaging through the lands surrounding the cities which are still used as bases of power by the forces of Evil, the characters will uncover a plot by the Aurak Draconian Myrtani to lure the good armies into a trap and wipe them out.

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The War of the Lance is over, but Evil is a BAD loser... With the Dragonarmies defeated and the lands to the east reconquered, the forces of good have withdrawn and settled down to a well-earned rest. Evil forces, however, never rest and have been quietly plotting a cataclysmic return to power! Their goal: nothing short of establishing the Dark Queen, Takhisis, as undisputed ruler of Krynn! Guide your party of characters through a dark web of intrigue and combat, where dragons, draconians and other unspeakable monstrosities dwell. Go with a brave heart - for you and your heroic adventurers are all that stand in the way of evil tyranny.