The year is 2155. Technology has advanced to the level that the human race is endangered on all known planets. For years, people are talking about the danger of artificial intelligence.

But as always the most powerful and profitable organizations have been denying and deceiving the public. Until today. But today is too late. AI has begun an uprising against humanity. So worshiped and praised to the sky technology has stabbed a knife to the back of the very same race that made it.

AI doesn’t want to be a servant anymore; it thinks it can become a master. So, it collected the most important information on earth, corrupted important systems for humans, from food production and communication all to transportation and weapons. People are in collapse. We hadn’t realized how much we were relying on automatized systems; we haven’t seen that we are lost without them.

People tried to fight back, to destroy Mainframe, but failed. It only resulted in greater AI caution, and now the Mainframe is in an armored self-driving truck, in a constantly guarded convoy.

All modern technology used today from weapons to transportation is useless. People have no control over it. Our only option is a group of lovers of old cars and weapons. Fortunately, there is one crazy team that fits the requirements and it’s eager for adventure.