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Power Ranger with Side-Scroller and Fighting Boss Fight

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Its part of my childhood games, I played it on bootleg cartridge where it has 4 different games. I finished several times and never get bored of it because I couldnt beat the other game like TMNT or Battle Tank. The game had 6 stages where each stage had its own final boss that you have fight in fighting style. Choujin Sentai Jetman may not popular in NES library but its one decent NES game that you should try with easy game play mechanic.

Players can pick different character (Rangers) that has three type of weapon like sword, punch or gun. Also, each characters have different life bar. Sword and punch are powerful than gun but still its easy to use, players can jump in the simple side-scrolling platformer where all you have to go straight while slay enemies or leave them into the right until you meet level boss where the gameplay will turn into fighting mode which you play as robot fighting against one boss.

This game interestingly have cut scene and ending where retrospectively and personally I had real ending when playing NES games which mostly were rare. This game is something just to be there, waiting to be found or not to be at all.

Positive points
  • Easy to play
Negative points
  • Just simple go to straight and you win

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