Chrome Dino

Chrome Dino is a game easter egg in Google's Chrome web browser. It can be played by touching over over the dinosaur or pressing the space bar when your internet connection goes down or by accessing chrome://dino/ on the web browser. ...

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Review: diegoleocadios Review

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Ahh, the Chrome Dino is one of the best things about Google Chrome. It is not the most advanced game, of course, but it runs in anything that has a web browser, and is a good time waster for when you are without web coverage in your phone, for example. It could have, for example, a leaderboard of sorts from the Google Account your using or the platform running it, but it does what it has to do, and wasn't even necessary to exist.

Positive points
  • It works in many different platforms and helps passing time when you are doing nothing and without connection.
Negative points
  • It could be more intricate, with things like a leaderboard, but it doesn't matter much.


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