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Releasing: December 31, 1988

This is the first of a new generation of adventure games from Psygnosis. An adventure game in the classic sense.

Your quest begins in your fathers chateau circa 1920. There you find (or should find) your father's latest invention: a fantastic time machine. Your father is dead, murdered, you are the prime suspect. A letter left by your father leads you to think the real culprit was Richard, his not so faithful servant. But he has escaped to the future using the time machine... who will believe your fantastic story... do you believe it?

You will be presented with many objectives: ultimately you will have to travel through time to collect the fragments of magnetic card to drive the Time Machine into the future. There you will have to... Meanwhile, the immediate objective is to find the time machine... Sorry, a more immediate objective is to find the room with the time machine in it. But its dark... Very sorry, an even more immediate objective is to be able to see where you are going... 3 hours and 250 minutes and even more immediate objectives later, you are standing in the hallway thinking... hellpppp!