Chrono Trigger

In this turn-based Japanese RPG, young Crono must travel through time through a misfunctioning teleporter to rescue his misfortunate companion and take part in an intricate web of past and present perils. The adventure that ensues soon u...

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Chrono Trigger is a story about time travel, a quest that starts out in a village, but goes through different eras, influencing history of the human race.

This is the jRPG, created by designers of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest - the masterpiece, the definition of it's genre, one of the best games.

Crono - silent protagonist, a boy living in the year 1000 A.D., he jumps into a mysterious time portal to save his friend Marle.
Time-traveling in Chrono Trigger is something, that sets aside this game among other titles, showing to the player different eras, and your actions in the past are influencing the future; you can see the entire existence of a planet - from the start and to the apocalypse.

You control a party of 1-3 characters, battling your enemies right where you have find them.
If you want to fight, you can, if you not - you can try to avoid them.

Every character has an Attack and can use Items. Third option is Tech - skills, magic spells and support with separate heroes, but you can use help from others, forming a powerful combo.

Chrono Trigger innovated concept of a "New Game +".
It helps to go through story faster, so you can find and achieve other endings.

Amazingly detailed game, areas don't get yourself bored and puzzles are challenging.
At some point game developers commented that creating each battle scene took nearly as much time and effort, as making storyline cutscenes, because there are different ways that a battle could begin.

The OST for Chrono Trigger is incredibe, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu.
Every music part fits each era so perfectly, so the story swallows you deeper with it's atmosphere.

Lifetime experience, which will be hard to forget.

Positive points
  • - Lifetime experience, incredible story, which every gamer shoud try.
  • - Time travel.
  • - Pixel art is very good looking, even to this date.
  • - One of the best OST ever made, composers are Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu.
  • - Unique battle system.
  • - Different endings.
  • - New Game+.


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