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Releasing: November 03, 2016

Citalis is a fast paced city simulation game where you get to build your own city from scratch.

You have been granted a loan of 10,000,000$ to invest in building your own city and you are left with only 3,000$. You must use this money to start building your city and generate the income you need to keep up with your rising loan repayments.

Using Commercial, Residential and Park districts you must balance all the core aspects of a happy and successful city- such as building businesses, housing, monitoring water levels and ensuring the city remains beautiful at all times.

But beware, if your city becomes unhappy your businesses will start partaking in criminal activity leading them to to be shut down. Failure to monitor water levels may lead to a drought to stop the city functioning properly or a flood to destroy housing, landscaping and roads.

But most importantly, make sure to keep up with your daily repayments. Falling behind leads to bankruptcy and ultimate failure so you must ensure your city is functioning properly at all times. The pace of change can be fast- do you think you can survive?