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Croromanos Review

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Combat is a two-player game where the players attempt to shoot each other's tanks or planes. Hitting the enemy vehicle pushes it back and gives the player one point. The game contains 27 levels, each of which has different rules and playing field layout. On the tank levels, the players have a selection of two different mazes or no walls at all, while on the plane levels, the players can choose to play with clouds that obscure part of the screen. The Atari 2600 difficulty settings can be used to change the range of a player's missiles, as well as the speed of one's airplanes in levels 15-27. All games have a time limit of 136 seconds.

Combat is an archaic, simplistic game but not the kind of one you rush home to play. It does have a few solid options to play, which they are fun and engaging while you take on a friend. However, unless you are easily entertained, you won’t find this as a title with high replay value.

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