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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Credits)

Westwood Pacific

Brett SperryOriginal Concept
Joseph BosticOriginal Concept
Mark SkaggsExecutive Producer
Harvard Bonin Jr.Producer
Julio ValladaresAssociate Producer
Dustin BrowderDesign Lead
John HightDesign Lead
Brett SperryDesign Lead
Chris BauerDesigner
Eric BeaumontDesigner
Tim CampbellDesigner
Eydie LaramoreDesigner
Todd OwensDesigner
Mical PedrianaDesigner
Mike LightnerAdditional Design
Mark SkaggsStory
Dustin BrowderStory
John HightStory
Harvard Bonin Jr.Story
Game Artists
Chris AshtonLead Artist
Chris AdamsArtist
T. J. FrameArtist
Michael JonesArtist
Sean KeeganArtist
Ido MagalArtist
Khanh NguyenArtist
Josh TaylorArtist
Todd WilliamsArtist
Jason ZirpoloArtist
T. J. FrameConcept Art
Dan LyonsConcept Art
Thomas M. BaxaAdditional Art
Phil RobbAdditional Art
Rick GlennConsultant
Henry YuTechnical Director
Steve WetherillAdditional Technical Direction
Geoff FingerProgrammer
Peter GreenProgrammer
Robb KeirProgrammer
Stephen J. MartinProgrammer
Thomas RolfsProgrammer
Graham SmallwoodProgrammer
Steve ClinardProgrammer
Bret AmbroseProgrammer
Joe BosticProgrammer
Danzil LongProgrammer
Bill FerrerProgrammer
Maria del Mar McCready LeggInstaller
Network Programming
Jeffrey BrownLead Network Programmer
Steve TallLead Network Programmer
Matt CampbellNetwork Programmer
Bryan ClevelandNetwork Programmer
Kevin ScruggsNetwork Programmer
Gavin SnyderNetwork Programmer
In-Game Audio
Mical PedrianaLead Sound Designer
David FriesSound Designer
Frank KlepackiOriginal Score
John HightCG Director
Cris MorasCG Art Director
Eric GoochCG Lead Artist
Chuck CarterCG Artist
Michael FadolloneCG Artist
Matthew HanselCG Artist
David LiuCG Artist
Jim MayCG Artist
Kevin QuattroCG Artist
Richard SempleCG Artist
Shant JordanAdditional CG
Insun KangAdditional CG
Patrick PerezAdditional CG
T. J. FrameCG Concept Artist
Phil RobbCG Concept Artist
Thomas M. BaxaCG Concept Artist
Tim FritzVideo Compression
Julie BrugmanProduction Coordinator
Paul MudraAudio Director
Dwight K. OkaharaCinematic Sound
Paul MudraCinematic Sound
Poet JesterAdditional Score
Video Production Crew
Donny MieleProducer - Video
Joseph D. KucanDirector - Video
Jason HendersonScreenpay - Video
Donny MieleScreenpay - Video
Curt WeintraubEditing - Video
Kevin BecquetLead Visual Effect Artist - Video
Paul MudraAudio Director - Video
Dwight K. OkaharaProduction Sound - Video
Paul MudraProduction Sound - Video
Marilee LearCasting Director - Video
Kurt RaufDirector of Photography
Eddie Ficket1st Assistant Director - Video
Frank Carillo2nd Assistant Director - Video
Kim HouserProduction Coordinator - Video
Randy StaffordProduction Assistant - Video
Levi LukeProduction Assistant - Video
Marlo LewisProduction Assistant - Video
Karen StephensArt Director - Video
Cliff BernayPropmaster - Video
Greg WolfeSet Dresser - Video
Bobby ZConstruction Coordinator - Video
Jeffrey MorganCarpenter - Video
The Effects NetworkAdditional Set Construction (Support Company)
Ron WildKey Makeup Effects Wardrobe
Alison BonannoHair - Video
China-Li NystromMake Up Assistant
Tracy BohlWardrobe - Video
Sandy WyndomWardrope Assistant
Jerremy SettlesGaffer
Gary SauerKey Grip
Angel GonzolezGrip
Richard RasmussenBoom Operator
Chuck CarterVisual Effects Compositor - Video
Bob KurtezUlimatte Operator - Video
Cheryl YiatrasTeleprompter Operator
Patience BequetDriver
Chuck WojtkiewiczConcept Artist - Video
Jeff Parker (I)Storyboard Artist
Finley BoltonReader
ADL ServicesCatering (Support Company)

Westwood Studios

Westwood Studios Localization
Thilo HuebnerDirector of Localization
Westwood Studios Quality Assurance
Glenn SperryQuality Assurance Director
Mike MeischeidQuality Assurance Director
Doug WilsonQA Analyst
Dave ShumanQA Analyst
Lloyd BellQA Supervisor
D'Andre CampbellRA2 Lead
Chris BlevensRA2 Solo Lead
Shane DietrichRA2 Skirmish Lead
Mike SmithRA2 Skirmish Lead
Steve ShockeyRA Multiplayer Lead
Clint AutreyQA Tester
Greg BaldwinQA Tester
Jason CambellQA Tester
Michael H. CelmerQA Tester
Michael ChattertonQA Tester
Dan EtterQA Tester
David FleischmannQA Tester
Chad FletcherQA Tester
Steve LaityQA Tester
Ray LaubachQA Tester
DeMarlo LewisQA Tester
Levi LukeQA Tester
Bryan PihlbaldQA Tester
Richard RasmusenQA Tester
Michael RuppertQA Tester
Benjamin GalleyQA Tester
Rhoda AndersonQA Administrator
Troy LeonardQA Technician
Beau HopkinsQA Technician
Mary BealCS Reps
Tim HempelCS Reps
Laura MieleVice President of Marketing
Matt OrlichMarketing Product Manager
Aaron CohenPublic Relations Director
Chris RubyorPublic Relations Coordinator
Victoria HartDirector of Graphic Services
Ted MorrisOnline Director
Jordan RobinsOnline Graphic Artist
David LamoreauxGraphic Designer
Wanda FlathersMarketing Assistant
Shawn EllisOperations Manager
Wayne HallMIS Manager
Glenn BurtisMIS Technician
Mick LoveMIS Technician
Christine LundgrenHuman Resources / Office Manager
Tanya PereiraAdministrative Assistance
Jennifer HogeLegal Assistance
Special Thanks
Luc BatyheletSpecial Thanks
Michael S. BoothSpecial Thanks
Colin DaySpecial Thanks
Frank GibeauSpecial Thanks
Bing GordonSpecial Thanks
Kiet HanSpecial Thanks
Bryan HansenSpecial Thanks
Stacy HendricksonSpecial Thanks
Frank HsuSpecial Thanks
Adam IsgreenSpecial Thanks
John LeeSpecial Thanks
John RiccitielloSpecial Thanks
Nancy SmithSpecial Thanks
Rade StojsavljevicSpecial Thanks
Edward GutierrezSpecial Thanks
Eldorado High School ROTCSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Hahn's World of SurplusSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Buzzy's RecordingSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Fondly dedicated to our loving families and dear frienda who waited patiently for us as we toiled into the night... we could not have done it without you.

Electronic Arts

Worldwide Localization
Taewon YunLocalization Manager - Korea
Changuk ParkLocalization Engineer - Korea
Junghee AhnTranslation - Korean
Taewon YunTranslation - Korean
Changuk ParkTranslation - Korean
Junco MultiMediaRecording and Editing Studio (Support Company)
Yejun HwangRecording Engineer - Korea
Jungwon HahnMarketing Manager - Korea
Junghyeon KwonProduct Manager - Korea
Christine KongLocalization Project Manager - China
Jerry LeeLocalization Manager - China
Richard ChenTranslation - Chinese
Jerry LeeLanguage Testing - China
Tom ChenMarketing Manager - China
Betty ChangProduct Manager - China
Bingo ChengPackage & Manual Design - China
TL GohSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Irene ChuaSpecial Thanks
Nathalie FernandezProduct Localization Manager - France
Francis GrimbertTranslator - French
Stéphane RadouxTranslator - French
Nathalie DuretTranslation Coordinator - French
Emmanuel DelvaTester - French
Lionel BerrodierTest Coordinator - French
Michaela BarteltLocalization Manager - Germany
Claudia StevensTranslator - German
Dirk VojtiloVoice Casting Manager - German
Manuel BertramsLanguage Testing - German
Benedikt SchülerMarketing Director - Germany
Pete LarsenProduct Manager - Germany


President DuganNo image
YuriNo image
General ThornNo image
Agent TanyaNo image
Premier RomanovNo image
Lieutenant EvaNo image
Lieutenant ZofiaNo image
General VladimirNo image
Dr. EinsteinNo image
Soviet OfficerNo image
Prime MinisterNo image
General LyonNo image
German ChancellorNo image
Soviet NewscasterNo image
Korean CommanderNo image
Tesla TrooperNo image
Base CommanderNo image
Watch Officer 1No image
Watch Officer 2No image
Female OfficerNo image
Allied GI 1No image
Allied GI 2No image
Allied GI 3No image
Allied Soldier 1No image
Allied Soldier 2No image
Allied Guard 1No image
Allied Guard 2No image
Allied GeneralNo image
Allied ColonelNo image
Secret Service Man 1No image
Secret Service Man 2No image
Soviet Soldier 1No image
Soviet Soldier 2No image
Soviet Conscript 1No image
Soviet Conscript 2No image
White House AideNo image
Bikini Babe 1No image
Bikini Babe 2No image
ChaplainNo image
WaitressNo image
American tauntsNo image
Soviet tauntsNo image
German tauntsNo image
Night HawkNo image
Soviet VehicleNo image
SpyNo image
SniperNo image
Allied InfantryNo image
InstallerNo image
Allied BoatNo image
IntruderNo image
TexanNo image
Allied CivilianNo image
Soviet CivilianNo image
RocketeerNo image
Chrono LegionnaireNo image
Propaganda TruckNo image
BBC NewscasterNo image
American NewscasterNo image
SEALNo image
Soviet CivilianNo image
Allied VehicleNo image
Libyan tauntsNo image
Iraqi tauntsNo image
Demolition TruckNo image
Soviet InfantryNo image
Soviet EngineerNo image
DesolatorNo image
Soviet BoatNo image
Cuban tauntsNo image
TerroristNo image
Black EagleNo image
French NewscasterNo image
British tauntsNo image
KirovNo image
Crazy IvanNo image
Drill SergeantNo image
Flak TrooperNo image
World Wide DominationNo image
NarratorNo image
Intercom VoiceNo image
Computer VoiceNo image
Female NewscasterNo image
American CivilianNo image
American EngineerNo image
Tesla TrooperNo image
Korean tauntsNo image


ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image
ActorNo image


Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image
Voice ActorNo image

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

87 /100

Released: 2000

The Soviets are back and this time they’re on American soil. Fight for the red, white, and blue – or just the red. But be careful – the mystical madman Yuri, with his mysterious mind-control technology, is readying...