Conan the Cimmerian Press kit


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PC DOS / Amiga



The greatest hero for the Hyborean Age was a fierce barbarian born of the harsh northlands, Conan The Cimmerian.

You have heard the tales of Conan's adventures. Only now will you have the opportunity to live the life of Conan.

Conan's Hyborea is a realm of great peril and supernatural evils. Wizards perform dark sorceries, gods and demons roam the lands, and remnants of ancient races contend with upstart humans for mastery of the Earth.

Our odyssey begins with murder most foul. When Conan's village is massacred by the ravaging hordes of Thoth Amon, high priest of the vile cult of Set, Conan vows to avenge the death of his family and friends.

The oath sends Conan out of the hills of Cimmeria to explore Hyborea, to search out it's hidden secrets and learn of it's powers. Explore with Conan the wretched hive of thievery and wickedness that is the city of Shadizar. Descend into the crawling tunnels and dungeons beneath Zamboula and try to enter the dread Temple of Skulls itself. Learn the secrets of Hyborea's sorceries to help Conan overcome its many natural and supernatural perils. Only with luck, courage, and constant struggle will Conan have the chance to force a reckoning with the powerful Thoth Amon.


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Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)