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Conker's Bad Fur Day (Credits)


Chris SeavorProject Lead and Game Design
Mark BetteridgeGameplay Software Engineer
Robin BeanlandMusic Composer and Performer
Don MurphyLead Artist and Character Design
Chris MarlowTechnical Software Engineer
Tony WongTechnical Software Engineer
Mike CurringtonAudio Software Engineer
Shawn PileTask and Camera Software Engineer
Andrew DaviesVisual Effects Software Engineer
Robert HarrisonMultiplayer and Front End Software
Dave RoseBackground and Layout Artist
Chris SeavorBackground and Layout Artist
Edward SluddenBackground and Layout Artist
Carl TilleyBackground and Layout Artist
Andrew BettsCutscene Artist
Declan Doyle3D Animator and Cutscene Artist
Aisling Duddy3D Animator and Cutscene Artist
Louise Ridgeway3D Animator and Cutscene Artist
Robin BeanlandSound Design and Recording
Mark BetteridgeAdditional Game Design
Gregg MaylesAdditional Game Design
Don MurphyAdditional Game Design
Dave RoseAdditional Game Design
TIm StamperAdditional Game Design
Andrew BettsAdditional Graphics
Don MurphyAdditional Graphics
Chris SeavorAdditional Graphics
Mike CurringonAdditional Tasking Software
Chris MarlowAdditional Tasking Software
Tony WongAdditional Tasking Software
Robin BeanlandCutscene Screenplay
Chris SeavorCutscene Screenplay
Simon FarmerSupport
Pete CoxSupport
Doug CrouchSupport
Mark GreenSupport
Leigh LovedaySupport
Paul MikellSupport
Andrew Wilson (II)Support
Ross BullimoreQuality Assurance
Matthew CarterQuality Assurance
Justin Cook (I)Quality Assurance
Richard CousinsQuality Assurance
Andrew KimberleyQuality Assurance
Luke MuntonQuality Assurance
Dale MurchieQuality Assurance
David ParkinsonQuality Assurance
Gary PhelpsQuality Assurance
Gavin PriceQuality Assurance
Roger SmithQuality Assurance
John SilkeQuality Assurance
Gareth StevensonQuality Assurance
Huw WardQuality Assurance
David WongQuality Assurance

Nintendo of America

Mike FukudaThanks
Don JamesThanks
Michael KelbaughThanks
Ken LobbThanks
Gail TildenThanks
Tim CaseyThanks
TreehouseThanks (Support Company)
NOA Product TestingThanks (Support Company)


Masashi GotoThanks
Keisuke TerasakiThanks
Super Mario ClubThanks (Support Company)

Nintendo of Europe

Hiroyuki UesugiThanks
Y. EdasawaThanks


Hiroshi YamauchiSpecial Thanks
Minoru Arakawa (I)Additional Thanks
Ben CullumAdditional Thanks
Joel HochbergAdditional Thanks
Chris StamperAdditional Thanks
WombatAdditional Thanks (Support Company)
Hiro YamadaAdditional Thanks

Conker's Bad Fur Day

79 /100

Released: 2001

Humorous action-platformer that does away with the tedious item collection found in most games in the genre. Instead, BFD employs a combination of standard jump, run and explore mechanics and context-sensitive gags...