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Conquest of the New World (Deluxe Edition)

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Genre: Strategy

Platforms: PC DOS

Conquest of the new world is a turn-based strategy game that lets you control one of 6 different nations in their attempt to colonize the new continent. The gameworld is represented in an isometric point of view. Combat is a mini-game taking place on a battlefield where victory can be achieved by killing enemy troops or capturing the enemy's flag. This deluxe edition added new elements of diplomacy, including trade options, as... Read More

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11 reviews

Good 88%

The game established a lot of the gameplay that has become famous in the Civilizations games. It had limited troop movement, turn based engagement, and civilization-building themes. Yet, it was not as complicated as Civilizations-and I think this is one of the things that made it great. There were many different things that you could do in the game, and you could choose whether or not you wanted to. Many of the things, such as settlement developm... Read More

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The multi-player cannot be done online-otherwise this game would be as famous as Age of Empires.


In this game, victory conditions are customizable, so a game can go a number of different ways. However, there are common themes which occur with fairly level frequency. The game is meant to simulate the colonization of the new world-what is now North America. The player can choose from five different nations, including the natives, and battle the other nations for supremacy of the continent. Much like history-the player will settle the continent and gradually grow into a town and expand into other towns. These towns are able to create troops, which can be used to attack other nations. The player will also inevitably declare independence from the mother nation, due to increasing taxes administered by the mother nation-much like the American experience.