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Corpses 'N Souls

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Genre: Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter

Platforms: Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4

Corpses ‘N Souls is a Metroidvania - ARPG set in an incredibly detailed world created using a custom-built 2D HD graphics engine. Welcome to Corpses ‘N Souls - a game full of unique experiences. Progressive loot & crafting mechanics, tactical combat, spell-craft and adventuring are just some of the options available. Set in an intricately detailed sci-fi world, Corpses 'N Souls delivers a vibrant yet ghoulish atmosphere... Read More

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Corpses ‘N Souls takes place several hundred years from now, within the confines of our own galaxy. It is a time of great upheaval coupled with tremendous scientific breakthrough. Humanity, now spread across the stars, have waged war against countless species, and in doing so brought many to the edge of annihilation.

Those who had been banished or enslaved by mankind across the far reaches of the Orion Spur became the first to discover the true nature of the soul. In doing so, the combined work of a collective known as “OMEGA” brought about the science of soul scanning, a process that held repercussions not only for those scanned, but for the planet on which they resided.

While some secrets had been stolen by humanity, OMEGA’s revelation of the inner mechanisms upon which sentient life existed, led to the deciphering of life’s greatest secret, the soul map. They revealed that some species had not one, but several souls, merged together in what could only be described as quantum chaos.

Little did they know that each soul held portions of embedded code that were not part of any species map. In time, fragments of the code came together, eventually to be translated into a cryptic message: “the core holds the path to the keys of the galaxy..”

After this breakthrough, OMEGA’s council moved forward to begin the task of reclaiming what humanity had taken from them. Their worlds, their lives, their souls. The reunification took its form as MONSTER Legion, their sole purpose dedicated to the advancement of soul reclamation.

Will you become a master of harvesting corpses and souls, or will you be consumed yourself? As the Soul Revolution dawns, no corpse or soul is safe. The future is not set, every sentient species in the galaxy has the chance for ultimate control and power to wield the key to immortality itself. Your journey begins now, how will it end?