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Already released in Europe [EU] on ZX Spectrum

RegionTime leftPlatform
Europe [EU]ZX Spectrum
Europe [EU]Mac
Europe [EU]Atari ST/STE
Europe [EU]Apple II
Europe [EU]Acorn Archimedes
Europe [EU]PC DOS
Europe [EU]Commodore C64/128
Europe [EU]Amstrad CPC
Europe [EU]Amiga



The game of power. Profit. Double-Dealing and Deceit.

You're on the fast track. At last, a partnership in the firm. With perks... new car, new office, new secretary. This is the life.

Wake up. This is the real world. The underworld. The city of London, where high-finance and low double deals are commonplace. Where drugs, gambling and big money talk. And you? You find yourself the victim of a frame-up... the chief suspect in an insider trading scandal. And to survive, you have to be as devious, if not more so, than the rest.

Power. Profit. Double-Dealing and Deceit. The name of the game is Corruption. Written by Magnetic Scrolls, the home of classics like The Pawn and The Guild of Thieves, it's a fast-paced thriller, a battle of wits and wills like nothing else you've played. With extraordinary graphics and an amazing vocabulary, it's illustrated interactive fiction at its best!

Compelling adventure tests your skill at manipulating characters and extracting information to solve the puzzle.

Expansive vocabulary lets you interact with over 15 characters in everyday language.

Powerful graphics reflecting the financial world and underworld of London.

Recommended for adult minds only.