Cosmic Creeps Press kit



Release Date:

Atari 2600



Your home planet is decaying. In order to survive you must evacuate the Space Kids from their dying planet. During the first section the player has to navigate a kid from the bottom of the screen to the safety of the hoverivng space ship at the top of the screen. In doing so he has to dodge several obstacles like plasma or hostile skeeters. After having reached the space ship the player takes control of the ship. While other kids are hunted by skeeters in their attempt to reach the space ship the player tries to protect them in shooting at the skeeters who are pursuing the fleeing kids. Every killed skeeter amounts to 100 points - every saved kid adds another 1500 points to the score. After getting 5000 points the game proceeds to the next more difficult level.


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)