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Costume Quest (Credits)

Double Fine Productions

Tasha HarrisProject Lead
Gabe MillerSenior Producer
Tim SchaferStudio Creative Director
Alan PatmoreVP, Product Development
Tyler HurdLead Artist
Nathan StapleyConcept Art
David GardnerAnimation & Character Art
Tyler HurdAnimation & Character Art
Chris SchultzAnimation & Character Art
Ruel PascualAnimation & Character Art
Mark HamerMaterials Artist
Rhandy CruzEnvironement Artist
Kjeld PedersenEnvironement Artist
Joe KowalskiUI Art & Design
Lydia ChoyTechnical Art & VFX
Emily RidgwayLead Sound Design & Music Director
Peter McConnellOriginal Music Composer, Orchestrator and Producer
David GardnerDesigner
Tasha HarrisDesigner
Gabe MillerDesigner
Elliot RobertsDesigner
Elliot RobertsWriter
Tim SchaferWriter
Henry GoffinLead Programmer
Anna KipnisLead Gameplay Programmer
Dave DixonSenior Programmer
Bert ChangProgrammer
Jon StoneGraphics Programmer
Shared Services
Steve PeckQuality Assurance Lead
Shawn GoffQuality Assurance
Jordan RomaidisQuality Assurance
Bert ChangSoftware Test Engineer
Pete DemoreuilleCore Technology
Paul Du BoisCore Technology
Malena AnnableLocalization Producer
Additional Thanks
Lance BurtonAdditional Programming
Kee ChiAdditional Programming
Chris JurneyAdditional Programming
Joshua RowanAdditional Programming
Tara TeichAdditional Programming
Scott CampbellAdditional Concept Artist
Razmig MavlianAdditional Concept Artist
Ruel PascualAdditional Concept Artist
Raymond CrookAdditional Animation & Character Art
Luke NalkerAdditional Animation & Character Art
Christine PhelanAdditional Animation & Character Art
David RussellAdditional Animation & Character Art
Levi RykenAdditional Materials
Jane NgAdditional Environment Art
Luke NalkerAdditional UI Art & Design
Whitney HillsAdditional Production
Greg RiceAdditional Production
Travis FillmoreAdditional Quality Assurance
Zack KarlssonVP, Business Development
Denise GollaherOperations Manager
Laura HenryOffice Manager
Brent ShinnIT
Special Thanks
Seamus BlackleySpecial Thanks
Ron CarmelSpecial Thanks
Nick EisleySpecial Thanks
Caroline EsmurdocSpecial Thanks
Klint HoneychurchSpecial Thanks
Josh RichardsonSpecial Thanks
Tom RussoSpecial Thanks
Jenna SeidenSpecial Thanks
Drew SkillmanSpecial Thanks
Nathan VellaSpecial Thanks
Will WrightSpecial Thanks
PC Team
Greg RiceProducer - PC Team
Paul Du BoisSenior Programmer - PC Team
David FarrellSenior Graphic Programmer - PC Team
Joe KowalskiUI Artist - PC Team

Dracogen Inc.

Bruna PaceThanks
Raffaele DenglerThanks
Beric DenglerThanks
Beric FarmerThanks
Kit PurdyThanks
Ash VickersThanks


Evan IcenbiceSpecia Thanks
Martin GoodSpecia Thanks
Cindy HudsonSpecia Thanks
Wayne ClineSpecia Thanks
Nicole Yolitz ArmstrongSpecia Thanks
Brian HongSpecia Thanks
Katherinn TranSpecia Thanks
Starsky RobinsonSpecia Thanks
Michele SturdivantSpecia Thanks
Raha BoudaSpecia Thanks
Brian FarrellSpecia Thanks
Doug ClemmerSpecia Thanks
David ChoeSpecia Thanks
Ashley GreenSpecia Thanks

Other Ocean Interactive

Martin CaplanSenior Producer - PC Port
Valéria LucchesiAssociate Producer - PC Port
Chris LarkinLead Programmer - PC Port
Carel BoersProgrammer - PC Port

Junglevision Software

Cathryn MatagaProgrammer - PC Port
Tom ProudfootProgrammer - PC Port

Sculpin QA

Rob ShandQA Manager
Ryan HaleBusiness Dev. Manager
Chris GallantQA Project Manager
Troy MyersTest Lead
Cara RussellTester
Dave Campbell (I)Tester
Dennis CantinTester
Jerico LamanganTester
Jamison SmithTester
Kevin HodgsonTester
Kiefer RichardsonTester
Michelle PitreTester
Nick ConstableTester


Costume Quest

75 /100

Released: 2010

Costume Quest is a rollicking Adventure/Role-Playing game that unfolds on Halloween night across seemingly peaceful suburban neighborhoods, a mysterious village carnival, and a monster-infested shopping mall. Created...