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Count Duckula's arch enemy Von Goosewing has fixed a rocket to one of the castle turrets, blasting the vegetarian Vampire and his cronies into outer space.

Duckula though, thinks the motion of the turret is a side effect of drinking Nanny's potion (understandable really), but he soon realizes their true predicament when they hit an asteroid field.

Fortunately Tremendous Terence, Count Duckula's hero comes to the rescue, knocking their 'turret spacecraft' on to a nearby planet surface.

Oh dear though it's the planet Cute- Yuk! Duckula hates cute things, and he soon realizes that if he and his pals stay on this planet for any length of time, they too will become... Cute... aagghh!

All the cuties dollies and teddybears want to give our pal a big wet kiss (Blah) to speed up the cuteness process.

There's only one thing for it. Duckula, Igor and Nanny have got to get off this planet and quick, but they have lost the lightning conductor in the crash landing and they will need this to escape. Can Tremendous Terence help? Will they get away? It's up to you.