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adrijusprogts Review [8.0/10]

adrijusprogt created

i cant play cs go and this suck i hate cs go i cant play cs

ThatShooterAlvs Review [7.0/10]

ThatShooterAlv created

What can I say, I feel this game is overrated. It's good fun for a couple of minutes, but it gets old too quickly. Dominated by angry 'iwannabeapro' players. Although the mechanics are fine.

cocos Review [10.0/10]

coco created

Competetive matches in CSGO are the best... No other game gives me a thrill like that. The best thing about the game is that you're forced to think tactically, learn how to move efficiently and develop a killer aim

Competitive FPS gaming experience at it's finest... [8.0/10]

Archangel330 created

Counter Strike series were always loved by huge amount of gamers even though it offered a simple gameplay depending on the user's skills for FPS. And CSGO is one of the most competitive games you will ever play that alone is enough to keep this game alive. Vast amount of players are addicted to this game including me and my friends, playing the ...

CS:GO Possibly the most superior competitive shooter to date. [9.0/10]

Afdjones created

Back when i began to play CSGO, it had everything i could imagine. Competitive and casual gameplay, a verity of game modes, and an outstanding community. However, further down the line CSGO has grown to be a huge title, and has attracted masses of fans and consumers. With a sudden inflation of players, it has impacted the CSGO community for the ...

trxhhs Review [10.0/10]

trxhh created

csgo is always the winner, i have too many memories with csgo (sorry for my bad english)