Crash Nitro Kart

Crash Bandicoot returns to the karting scene with a host of other characters from the adventure series, and this time they have both Neo Cortex and Emperor Velo to worry about. Velo has taken the crew to a remote planet, forced to race f...

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Review: JustLukas Review

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If you are going into this and expecting another CTR, you are going to be disappointed. If your expectations are: a kart racer, a sequel to CTR by a different company, using the same mechanics as the original, and new tracks - you are going to have several hours of fun. It's definitely more challenging than CTR, the tracks are not as good or memorable, and controls feel awkward, but - it's still a Crash racer superior to other kart racing games on the market; even 16 years after the original release.

Positive points
  • Crash vibes
  • Kart racing
  • Characters
  • Adventure mode
Negative points
  • Awkward controls
  • Challenging (sometimes too much)
  • Simply not as good as CTR


Total score