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Wesley is having a super-bad day. He's been lured into the sprawling Mansion of the evil Dr. Drod and transformed by the mad professor into a half-boy/half-creature. Then Wesley hooks up with another experiment gone wrong: Brian, a wiseguy brain floating in a jar who says he can help Wesley escape. Drod's mansion is full of rooms, the rooms are full of clickable objects, and the whole place is crawling with hideous creatures. Unfortunately for Wesley, he can only defeat these monstrosities by finding things to eat (anything from cat food to furniture) which give him the creature-powers he needs to wipe-out the bad guys. Can you find all the rooms, locate all the objects and defeat all the creatures... without giving Wesley a "monster" case of indigestion? There's only one way to find out... play Creature Crunch!

Masterfully-animated with brilliant new-tech sound design... full of weird twists and wacked-out wit... Creature Crunch is faster, fresher, funnier and punchier than anything else out there. And we've checked.