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It knows where you're hiding!

In the beginning...
the was Capone, the revolutionary game that brought a new generation to computer game play by using the Actionware Phaser Gun. Then came P.O.W., which added strategy to the break neck action. Now Creature invades your computer, and continuing in the tradition of excellence, takes it where no game has gone before.

Your mission...
Distress calls received from deep space report hostile alien life forms, and you are the only space security captain within range. Two ships and a lunar base have been attacked and only you can save them from complete destruction.

As you make your journey towards them, you wonder what you're up against. Are you prepared to battle vicious beastoids, alien attack-droids, and deadly acid leaks on your own? Unfortunately, that's the way it has to be. Nearing the first ship, your heart races, beating faster and harder with each passing moment.

Before losing contact, the message stated that a reactor was set to self-destruct to prevent the ship from falling into alien hands. Where is the reactor? And how soon will it explode? These are just a few of the uncertainties, for what you are really up against is still a mystery. Rumors describe an unstoppable beast that lurks within the walls of the space station. This may turn out to be your worst nightmare, for it is... Creature.