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Atari ST/STE



Crime Does Not Pay or Does It?

This is the official mobster game endorsed by the Mafia.
You don't control the town yet? This won't last long!
Maybe becoming mayor of the city would solve your problem.
But what about using mobsters to bribe, blackmail and fight the big guys.
Don't listen to justice and order, have no scruples, lead your Chinese or Italian gangs to gain control over money and power.
Who are you? The godfather, the "femme fatale", or the killer?

The action scenes will put you against punks, cops and killers of the adversary gangs.
That's right, cops are not necessarily on your side.
Make sure that you have your 45 automatic loaded.
Control and neutralize the powerful men who will attempt to stop you in your quest by making them offers they can't refuse.
Rob banks, steal compromising documents and information from the 200 locations throughout the city. If you want to rob the bank, you will first have to find dynamite, or the combination for the vault.

Now that your in town, make yourself at home and remember: the end does justify the means. Doesn't crime pay? you'll figure it out!

With the random techniques used and the city's 200 locations, each game played is different.