Age Rating for Crusader Kings III

PEGI 12PEGI rating 12
Whole armies are represented by a single soldier figure, which displays the number of troops present in the form of a label below. When the soldier figure is hit with a sword, the number of troops in the army reduces but no damage is shown to the figure itself. The violence between the soldier figures is unrealistically presented. Offensive language in the dialogue includes 'shit' and the French 'fils de pute' (which translates as 'son-of-a-bitch'). On the 'character finder' menu, it is possible to see the characters in the game naked. Female characters are seen from the waist up, with breasts exposed, while male characters are seen head to toe but with a fig leaf covering their genitals. While the characters do not move in this menu, the postures could be regarded as somewhat sexualised.
Bad Language
GRAC 18+GRAC rating 18+
Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug
ClassInd 18ClassInd rating 18
ACB R 18+ACB rating R 18+