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Releasing: March 30, 2016

Crypto Hex is an abstract puzzle game about spatial reasoning. As you fill the hexes they collapse. You need to collapse enough hexes to activate the exit and complete each puzzle.

Puzzle Design

Crypto Hex's puzzles are designed to teach you the rules step by step. Each puzzle require you to discover something new. After the basic concepts have been demonstrated the levels branch out along different paths. Each path focusing on a new concept.


There are over 70 puzzles to solve, later puzzles introduce new rules.

A completely unique style using abstract vector graphics.

An additional challenge to attempt after completing each basic puzzle. The additional challenges introduce a unique mechanic not seen anywhere else in the game. There's no hand holding when attempting the additional challenge, you'll have to experiment to learn the rules.

For the hardcore audience, once you've completed the additional challenge you can compete online for the highest scoring solutions to each puzzle. The first players to find a new high score will have their name posted alongside their sore in the puzzle.