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Cubemash is an exciting new cube arcade game to keep you hooked to endless fun and mental exercise! It is a never-ending journey on one platform to achieve cube rolling perfection.

Cubemash is highly engaging, and good for the brain, just like RUBIK cube! It is a new type of "rapid" cube arcade game that requires quick decision making. Roll around the cube to capture items by color, fruit, or pattern matching, collect coins, execute combos by rapidly capturing objects, fruit, pac-men, etc., unlock exciting themes, and level-up the stack to trump the Google leaderboard.

The game features new never seen before design and controls that are intuitive, and addictive. It is designed to challenge the players mind and eye-hand coordination incrementally, making the game harder as the player level's up. The only way through is up and up!

Current available themes are:

★ Classic default theme that reminds players of the RUBIK cube, but with more challenging and fast than the old RUBIK! A simple Monument to mash your cubes on! Mr. Rubik would certainly be proud.

★ Beautiful Grapevine theme featuring juicy squishy FRUIT! Squishing grapes is definitely more fun than slashing fruit! Great theme for casual Fruit squishing and juicing when you're looking for some fruity fun on the Play Store.

★ A PAC-CUBE theme with a cubic version of the infamous PAC-MAN himself, and of course the four ghosts! PAC-CUBE was never so much fun! If you have played the awesome pacman game, you will love the theme! Also features a beautiful model of the Atari 2600. Pacman never felt so awesome!

Features clean Monument Valley and Stack style isometric design. Difficulty increases gradually with each level-up, making it harder yet more fun as you go through this endless puzzle challenge. The simple, clean graphics, pretty little "Monuments", and the fluid gameplay will keep you engaged for hours. Explore exciting achievements and challenges... and more coming soon! The fun is MONUMENT-AL!

Your comments and valuable suggestions are welcome to enhance the game experience. Please send in any complaints / suggestions to info [at] grapevinegames.com and we will try to address your concerns.

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