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Releasing: December 13, 2001

Robots in everyday life? Believe it, folks. That's the reality of the cool cartoon series, CUBIX: Robots for Everyone. The story follows the adventures of Connor a human boy and his robot, Cubix, through Bubble Town. Attempting to repair damaged robots and ward off evil beings, the pair encounters a whole cast of wacky characters every week. The game puts its emphasis on the racing aspects of the series, sending you to Bubble Town's racing championship series. Your arch-nemesis, Dr. K, has a converted racer named Kolossal in the competition, and your goal is to earn the right to defeat it. Choose to race as any of your favorite series characters, including Hop2ix, Brutix, Don-Don, Diagnostix, and Cubix. You'll be able to customize your racers to fit your liking, using elements like Grav-grip, Zero G, and other series-based power-ups to defy gravity and reach top speeds. Full of cool options game modes, and colorful graphics, Race N Robots is not to be missed.