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Releasing: November 01, 1979

Cutie Q is an arcade game that was released by Namco in 1979. It is the second sequel to Gee Bee, which was released in the previous year. It is also the first game from the company to display its year on its start screen, and award an extra life (instead of a "replay" or extra credit) on getting a preset point value.

Like its predecessors, Cutie Q plays like a mix of pinball and Breakout-style games. The playfield has features derived from pinball games, such as a spinner in the middle, various rollovers, an entry lane for the ball (though without a plunger), and drains in the bottom corners. However, as in Breakout, the ball is unaffected by gravity, and continuously bounces. The player controls a pair of paddles which slide horizontally across the screen, and there are rows of blocks to break at the top of it.