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Already released in Europe [EU] on Atari ST/STE

RegionTime leftPlatform
Europe [EU]Atari ST/STE
Europe [EU]Amiga



Eris is the fifth planet in the Gamma solar system of nine planets and their nineteen moons around the star Dialis. The comet, Damocles, in its present trajectory will collide with Eris in just a few hours.

Damocles is author Paul Woakes follow up to his widely acclaimed classic, Mercenary. His creation; a complete solar system. Fly among the planets and moons. Land and explore the bases, towns, cities. Go into buildings and find the objects and clues that will lead you through to a number of solutions to this gripping challenge.

You are not alone in this task. Benson, your 9th generation PC, is your guide and mentor whose wry humor punctuates countless hours of absorbing play. The game-save facility is invaluable in your battle against the relentless decay of real time. It's almost inevitable that you will view the spectacular consequences of failure. But what immense satisfaction awaits your ultimate success.

With brilliant programming, using fast solid 3-dimensional graphics, Paul Woakes has pushed forward the frontiers of technical achievement. Your first person view throughout this massive playfield, crammed with intricate detail, affords a unique interactive experience.

Damocles offers you an artificial universe within your computer. With so many features to discover, you'll return time and time again.