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Releasing: December 20, 2003

On November 18, 2004 Konami Digital Entertainment of America released Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 2 on the Xbox in the United States. To encourage sales, they released a limited edition music CD featuring songs from the game.

These "exclusive music samplers" are available only to those who reserve the game before its release, typically at a GameStop or EB Games retail outlet.[1] The CD contains tracks taken directly from the game as well as unique remixes done by Konami's in-house artists. Because of Dance Dance Revolution's musical nature the music found in the game and on the CD feature a broad range of musical styles.

Known to Konami as V-RARE SOUNDTRACK-4 USA, the V-RARE moniker had first been used by Konami to release similar albums in Japan to commemorate Bemani game releases there and still are to this date are. In Japan the music CDs are usually bundled with a given game upon release. To date Konami has released 13 V-RARE discs in the US to promote various Dance Dance Revolution game releases and has released them through various video game and non-video game vendors such as GameStop, EB Games, Toys "R" Us, and Burger King.